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Barefoot Man, Jackson, and then off to Green Turtle Cay

Friday, March 17th to Friday, March 31st, 2017

Our last few weeks here in the Bahamas have been busy, busy, busy. Well, okay, not really. Its still pretty low key and laid back. Who are we kidding!

The weather gets nice so we head to Great Guana Cay and the Nipper’s Bar for St. Patrick’s Day Barefoot Man concert. The Barefoot Man is kind of the Bahamas’ answer to Jimmy Buffet. The concert is a lot of fun. We dance and meet up with boat friends from Hope Town and Marsh Harbour.


Sails are up as we head to Great Guana Cay for the St. Patrick’s Day Barefoot Man concert at Nippers


Barefoot Man concert in a great setting


Our friend Sharon (boat Emerald Lady) having a blast at the Barefoot Man concert


Sunrise over Silver Maple in Fisher’s Bay at Great Guana Cay, Bahamas

Then, a few days later Jackson arrives! We have two great days of weather, so we take off to visit Lynyard Cay and anchor there. In the afternoon we go via dinghy to Little Harbour to visit Pete’s Pub. It is a beautiful day! Afterwards we take a swim at the beach and enjoy a gorgeous evening.


Jackson arrives!! Woohoo!


Heading to Lynyard Cay, Bahamas


Jackson enjoying the ride


Silver Maple has her full crew back together!


Parking at Pete’s Pub


Bellying up to the bar


Randy and Jackson enjoying the Pete’s Pub signature drink, the Blaster


Lee and Jackson at Pete’s Pub over looking Little Harbour


View of Little Harbour from Pete’s Pub


Randy and Jackson going for a swim on the beach at Lynyard Cay with forest fires burning on the horizon


Beautiful sunset at Lynyard Cay thanks to those nearby forest fires

The next day, we take the dinghy in search of the Abaco blue holes that are said to be nearby. After some searching, we finally find them. The mangrove lagoon is less than 2 feet deep until you reach the holes then it drops away into darkness. Apparently they connect to the ocean which is about two miles away. Divers have died trying to explore the underwater caves and a memorial is located on shore.


The Lynyard Cay anchorage in the morning


Randy pulling us in the dinghy into the lagoon to search for the blue holes. The entrance is too shallow for the motor.


Lots of turtles in the water


A blue hole!


Cruising the lagoon around a blue hole


Memorial on shore to divers who died exploring the Abaco blue holes


Chilling on our way back to Hope Town. It is too calm to sail. Boo!


Still gorgeous!


Clear Bahamian waters where you can see a star fish at a depth of 15ft

When we get back to Hope Town, the weather turns ugly for the rest of Jackson’s visit, so once again we are stuck at the dock in high winds and intermittent rain. Regardless, we keep busy playing games, biking and catching a few rays at the pool when the sun shows its face.


Back in Hope Town!


Out for dinner at our favourite pizza place in Hope Town called Sip Sip


Stopping to enjoy the view while on a bike ride around Elbow Cay, Bahamas


Lunch break from our bike ride at On Da Beach restaurant

IMG_0115 (2)

After our bike ride waiting on the dock for our shuttle ride back to the marina


Jackson boarding the ferry to Marsh Harbour to catch his flight. Bye!

And then when Jackson is gone, the weather turns lovely again. Of course! And, it is time to start heading back north to prepare to put Silver Maple to bed for another season and head home, but since the weather is so nice we make a couple of stops along the way. Our friends, Joanne and Toby on their boat Comocean join us on the trip as far as Great Guana’s Fisher’s Bay where we anchor for the night before heading out to do the Whale Cay ocean crossing. Then, we have a lovely night at Manjack and arrive safe and sound at Green Turtle Cay.


Silver Maple on the way to Great Guana Cay. Photo courtesy of Comocean.


Captain gets the big sail out!


Nice to see the gennaker up! It does not happen very often.

IMG_2527 (2)

Silver Maple looking colourful! Photo courtesy of Comocean.


Heading off towards the Whale Cay ocean passage on a beautiful day


Silver Maple anchored at Manjack Cay


Sunset and moon rise at Manjack Cay


Silver Maple safe and sound on the dock at the Green Turtle Club on Green Turtle Cay


View of sunset off the back of Silver Maple on the dock at the Green Turtle Club

Silver Maple gets pulled out of the water next week and put into storage for another season. Lots of chores to be done to get it ready before then, so it will be a busy week. Its very sad to have another season of sailing wrap up, but we are ready to go home.

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Fun with friends!

Friday, February 24th to Monday, March 16th, 2017

Well, the theme of this year on the boat has been relaxing and hanging out since that is pretty much all we have done. Last week, our friends Ruth and Bruce from Canada came to visit. They are recently retired and have been staying in Florida, so they took the short flight over from there for a few days. So great to have them here!! Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate so we were on the dock most of the visit.

The day before Ruth and Bruce arrive, we take Silver Maple over to Marsh Harbour to meet them. When they get in we chill by the pool and then go to Rib Night at the Jib Room Restaurant at the Marsh Harbour Marina. Afterwards, its dancing and limbo party!


Silver Maple settled at the beautiful Marsh Harbour Marina and Jib Room Restaurant awaiting Ruth and Bruce’s arrival


Relaxing by the pool with Ruth and Bruce after they arrive


Amazing Limbo by Desmond at the Jib Room


Ruth and Lee dancing up a storm at the Jib Room

The next day we hit the water! Its is a perfect day for a sail. We head back to Hope Town because unfortunately, bad weather is moving in and we need to get tied back up to a dock. In Hope Town we show Ruth and Bruce all the sites and play lots of games when the weather is bad.


Captain Randy and Bruce enjoying a perfect day for sailing


Thumbs up from the new sailor. She loves it!


Randy and Bruce checking out the sails


Ruth getting salty


Arriving in Hope Town Harbour


The lovely Hope Town Harbour at Sunset


We head over and climb the Hope Town lighthouse, the only kerosene burning lighthouse left in the world


View of the Hope Town Harbour from the top of the lighthouse


This guy wakes us up VERY early every morning with his crowing. Ugh!


Ruth chases the rooster down as payback for the early morning wake up calls


Ruth at the Hope Town Inn and Marina


We stop for a beverage while out for a bicycle ride on Elbow Cay

JIMG_0004 (1)

Heading out for dinner on a cool evening in Hope Town


Sunrise over Silver Maple at the Hope Town Inn and Marina

JIMG_0017 (1)

Bruce playing Bocce ball with Randy, Ron (Legacy) and Brian (Miss Informed)


Ruth and Lee playing Mahjong with Linda (Fortnight) on a rainy afternoon


Ruth and Bruce heading out to catch the ferry back to Marsh Harbour for their flight back to Florida. Bye!

The day Bruce and Ruth leave the weather turn nice again. Of course! So, we head out for a few days of sailing and anchoring at some of our favourite spots: Tahiti Beach and Lynyard Cay. Shortly after we arrive and anchor at Tahiti Beach, our friends Sharon and Pete arrive on their boat, Emerald Lady. So great to seem them and what a nice surprise! We go for lunch together at Cracker P’s, a bar on a nearby island. In the evening, we meet on Emerald Lady for cocktails and games. Great to be with our old friends!


Heading towards Tahiti Beach


Captain loves to be on the water!


Lunch at Cracker P’s with Sharon and Pete (Emerald Lady)


Lovely view from Cracker P’s at lunchtime


Sharon and Pete (Emerald Lady) at Cracker P’s


Sharon and Pete (Emerald Lady) in their dinghy heading back to our boats after lunch


Moon over Tahiti Beach

The next morning we head to Lynyard Cay. It is dead calm and the weather is supposed to be perfect all day. The weather man neglected to inform mother nature of that though, so when we arrive at the anchorage and a unexpected squall blows in. We anchor in 24 knot winds. Crazy!


Anchor up and heading to Lynyard Cay on a beautiful day


The calm before the storm…

After the rain passes, we go to the beach for a walk and a swim. It is a lovely day on the boat. We head back to Hope Town the next day and we’ve been being dock potatoes since then.


Randy walking the beach at Lynyard Cay


Randy swimming at Lynyard with Silver Maple anchored in the background


Sunset over Little Harbour from Lynyard Cay

Last night we had a Jack and Jill wedding shower for our friends, Cassie and Brian (Miss Informed). They were very surprised. And, since the season is wrapping up it was one of our final ‘get-togethers’ before folks start to head home. What a great group of people and wonderful friends we have met this year.


Sunset over the Hope Town Marina taken from the back of Silver Maple


Surprising Cassie and Brian (Miss Informed)


Toasting to a life of love, happiness and fair winds…


The happy couple!


Great group of fantastic people!


Brian and Cassie (Miss Informed) enjoying the party


Such fun friends! (from the left) Cassie from Ancaster, ON (Miss Informed), John from Halifax, NS (PrimeraVista), Thomas from Peterborough, ON (Hope), Lee from Boston, MA (Shalaylee), Brian from Michigan (Miss Informed), Lee, Randy and Sheryl from Boston, MA (Shalaylee)

We are now looking forward to Jackson’s arrival next week for a visit. Woohoo! Fingers crossed the weather will cooperate.


Chillin’ in the Abaco Islands

Friday, February 10th to Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

When we arrive in Hope Town we spend some time getting back into the Bahamian pace of life… slow! And now that Randy is fully recovered from his cold, we head back out on the water. Woohoo!

We have a great trip over to Great Guana Cay and spend the day strolling on the beach with a stop for lunch at Nippers. Fisher’s Bay at Great Guana Cay is one of our favourite places to spend a quiet day and evening. It is just beautiful.


Silver Maple moored in Fisher’s Bay, Great Guana Cay, Bahamas


Leaving Silver Maple in the dingy and heading to shore for a walk-about


Grabbers Pub on the shore at Fisher’s Bay, Great Guana Cay


Lee on the beach in front of Nipper’s Bar and Grill


Lunch at Nippers


Full moon over Great Guana Cay at Fisher’s Bay anchorage


Morning in Fisher’s Bay with full moon still in the sky

After a day at Guana Cay, we head over to Tahiti Beach just off Elbow Cay. It is another gorgeous day. We walk the beach near Sea Spray Resort and have lunch in the new restaurant at the resort.


Back on the water on our way to Tahiti Beach


Beautiful clear water of the sea of Abaco


Captain checking the anchor is well set


Sunset while anchored off Tahiti Beach on Elbow Cay, Bahamas

A few days later when we are back in Hope Town, it is the annual Hope Town Songwriter’s Festival which hosts the writers of some of country music’s most popular songs. They tell the stories of how the songs originated and play some great music. Fun even for non-country music fans!


Fun group of friends enjoying the cool evening at the Hope Town Songwriters Festival at the Hope Town Inn and Marina


Great music… even for non-country music fans!


Lee and Randy at the Songwriters Festival

This month we also attend the Man-O-War Flee Market which is a big fundraiser for the community of this small island. We take the dingy over. It is a four and a half mile trip and a bit rough. Unfortunately, on the trip back it is even worse. Couple of sore butts for a few days after that trip!


Entering Man-O-War Cay harbour in our dingy


Dingy parking at the Man-O-War Flee Market


Gorgeous day at the Man-O-War Flee Market


Sunrise over the Hope Town Inn and Marina. Photo taken from the back of Silver Maple.

Back in Hope Town, life is good and the weather is fine. Our friends Ruth and Bruce arrive next week to spend a week enjoying the islands with us. Looking forward to that! Stay safe and stay warm everyone!



Back on the Water!

Sunday, January 21st to Friday, February 9th, 2017

Well, its been a challenging few weeks since we arrived, but we are back on the boat and happy to be here. Nothing serious, just viruses and weather to contend with as well as things on the boat to be repaired.

Lee is sick with the flu before we even leave for the Bahamas and within hours of arriving, Randy comes down with a bad cold too. Nonetheless, we manage to get the boat prepped and into the water. While we are working on the boat we stay in a cute cottage on the ocean called ‘The House on the Point’. Very rustic, but very nice.


Our rental cottage called ‘The House on the Point’ where we are staying while prepping the boat in Green Turtle Cay


View from ‘The House on the Point’


Our wheels while in Green Turtle. Golf carts are the main mode of transportation here.

We spend three days cleaning and putting things together to launch on the Monday, but unfortunately, the weather turns bad and a storm front moves through the Green Turtle area just as we are scheduled to launch. Our Launch is moved to Tuesday and even then, the winds are pretty high. Once Silver Maple is in the water, Randy tries to fire-up the engine. Nothing. Dead battery. The bow-thruster battery is dead too so both are replaced. And, the winds are so high that we don’t move beyond the wall where they put us in the water. We just tie Silver Maple on and spend the night right there.


Silver Maple being moving to the launch area


Lowering her in


Back in the water! Woohoo!

The next day, the winds are calmer so we head over to the Green Turtle Club in White Sound, the next sound over. We spend the day doing final prep and putting sails up.


Captain is under the weather but glad to be back on the water


Silver Maple safe and sound at the Green Turtle Club

In the morning, we are up early and on the water to do the short ocean crossing through the Whale Cay passage and into the Sea of Abaco. It is a beautiful morning and we have a great sail over to Marsh Harbour where we spend the rest of the day provisioning and stocking the boat with essentials like wine and groceries.


Heading out towards the Whale Cay passage on a beautiful morning


The captain at the helm


Good to be sailing again


Waves hitting Whale Cay as we pass by


Making great time and doing well over 7 knots most of the way to Marsh Harbour


Gorgeous day!


Sunset over Marsh Harbour


Out for dinner at Curly Tails in Marsh Harbour

In the morning, we are off to Hope Town. Randy is still sick so we lie low once we arrive until he gets his health back on track. To make things worse, on the day we arrive, the marina has a power surge and our battery charger blows. Ugh! That was over two weeks ago and Randy has spent every day since trying to arrange to have a new one shipped to us here in the Bahamas. The good news is that it appears to be close now. Last we heard Fedex has it in Nassau. Fingers crossed we will see it next week.


Silver Maple in her slip on the dock at the Hope Town Inn and Marina (in front of Hope)


The beautiful Hope Town Inn and Marina


The flowers are blooming in Hope Town


The first day Randy is feeling up to venturing far from the boat we take the dingy over to Cracker P’s for lunch


Securing the dingy at Tahiti beach for a beach walk after lunch.


Beautiful Tahiti Beach


Lovely Hope Town Harbour


Silver Maple at sunrise at the Hope Town Inn and Marina

It seems that we have been tied to the dock in Hope Town forever, but now that Randy is feeling back to normal, we are planning to take off tomorrow and get back out on the water. Yeah!


Happy 2017 from the Bahamas!

January 19th to 20th, 2017

We made it! Sounds easy enough, but our trip to the Bahamas from Toronto wasn’t quite as smooth this year as it has been other years. It started with freezing rain the night before our two hour drive to the Toronto airport. Then, our flight is delayed leaving Toronto. We arrive in Newark in time to catch our connecting flight to Ft. Lauderdale. Whew! Oh, that flight is also delayed for over two hours. When we finally land in Ft. Lauderdale after midnight we find that our hotel reservation has been cancelled. Not surprising that hotels in Ft. Lauderdale in January are pretty much all full. So, we end up in a nasty hotel — and I mean nasty — and manage to get a little sleep before heading back to the airport for our flight to Treasure Cay. And you’ll never guess…yes, delayed too!

When we finally do arrive in the Bahamas, we are exhausted and both of us are sick. But, life gets SO much better. People are smiling. Sun is shining. You can’t help but feel better.


Islands come into view from the plane. Yeah!


On the ferry dock with all of our gear


First view of Green Turtle Cay from the ferry


Happy to be here after a challenging trip

We are now settling in and adjusting to ‘island time’ in this beautiful place. The place we are staying while we prepare the boat for launch is a cute little cabin on the beach. In our spare time, we are enjoying New Plymouth and Green Turtle Cay, as we always do!!


On the beach in front of the cabin we are renting while we prepare Silver Maple for launch and so happy to be back.


Silver Maple is looking good! Just a few days of work and she will be back in the water.


Dinner at Harvey’s in New Plymouth. Great food and friendly people.

During the day while we are here, we are on the boat cleaning and putting things back together. Silver Maple’s launch is scheduled for Monday, but right now the forecast is for heavy winds and thunderstorms so we may get postponed. Fingers crossed!

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From Bahamas to Scottsdale with Love…

Saturday, February 6th to Sunday, February 28th, 2016

We spend the first couple of weeks of February at the Green Turtle Club on the Bahamas’ Green Turtle Cay preparing for Silver Maple’s haul-out scheduled for February 8th. Lots of work to do like taking down and folding the sail (jib), waxing, oil changes and cleaning. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t cooperate much and we are fighting high winds to get things done. Thankfully, on Monday, February 8th, the sun is out and the winds have died down. It is the perfect day for pulling Silver Maple out of the water and ‘putting her on the hard’ for the season.

SAILING 2016 Feb 5 to Feb 28 003

Dinner at the Green Turtle Club restaurant after a day of working on the boat.

SAILING 2016 Feb 5 to Feb 28 001

Our favourite hostess at the Green Turtle Club restaurant. She remembers us every year and seats us at the same table. We are regulars!

SAILING 2016 Feb 5 to Feb 28 006

Getting ready for haul-out.

SAILING 2016 Feb 5 to Feb 28 015

Lifting Silver Maple out of the water at Abaco Yacht Services on Green Turtle Cay.


SAILING 2016 Feb 5 to Feb 28 021

Cleaning and moving Silver Maple to her storage place.

When the boat is settled in the storage yard, we move into our usual apartment for three nights in New Plymouth while we finish up getting her ready for storage. All goes well and we are finished all the storage prep work with a day to spare.

SAILING 2016 Feb 5 to Feb 28 044

View of sunrise from our apartment in the town of New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay.

SAILING 2016 Feb 5 to Feb 28 032

Captain coming out for the last time this season.

SAILING 2016 Feb 5 to Feb 28 034

Silver Maple is put to bed for this year.

On February 11th, we fly home with an over night lay-over in Chicago. When we get home it is really cold, but it is still nice to be back.

SAILING 2016 Feb 5 to Feb 28 049

Home sweet home!

SAILING 2016 Feb 5 to Feb 28 051

The lake is well frozen now.

SAILING 2016 Feb 5 to Feb 28 055

What?!! Okay, that is cold!

It doesn’t take much of the cold Canadian winter to move us on to our next adventure. We hit the road after two days at home and start on our five day drive to Scottsdale, Arizona. We stop along the way to break up the trip for a visit with our friends, Stacia, Paul and their kids, Celia and Andrew in Ann Arbor, and then again for a few days skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado. Jackson and his girlfriend, Laura, fly down and join us. We have perfect skiing weather — sunny and not too cold.


Laura, Jackson and Lee on hill in Breckenridge, CO.

SAILING 2016 Feb 5 to Feb 28 058

Out for Mexican food in Breckenridge with Laura and Jackson.

SAILING 2016 Feb 5 to Feb 28 063

Driving in New Mexico…nice!

When we arrive in Scottsdale on February 24th it is 80 degrees F and lovely. Good to be back and we are still recovering from all the travel with lots of down time at the pool.

Scottsdale Feb 2016 001

Recuperating by the pool in Scottsdale. Good to be back in warm weather. It is 80 degrees F. today.


That wraps up the blogging for this season. Have a great year everyone! Cheers!

With love — Lee and Randy




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Hope Town to Green Turtle Cay as Our Season Comes to a Close…

Sunday, January 17th to Friday, February 5th, 2016

Even though the weather has been mixed this year, it has been a really great trip. We have met lots of fun new people and reconnected with wonderful old friends. And, since the weather rarely has been nice for two days in a row, we fully embraced the ‘dock potato’ label. Silver Maple will definitely need a bottom cleaning job done when she gets pulled out of the water this year. No doubt there is plenty of plant growth on the hull from sitting in one place so long.

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 099

Silver Maple at sunrise on the dock at Hope Town Inn and Marina.

Debra Photo of Boat Group

Cocktail night with great friends, Pam and Ron (Legacy), Cass and Brian (Miss Informed), Vince (Fortnight). Photo courtesy of Mandalay.

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 127

Flowers always seem to be in bloom in the Bahamas.

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 129

Silver Maple on the dock for another sunrise.

As usual, the weather in January and February is a bit cool, but we bundle up and get out and about to the beach and bicycling. There never seems to be a lack of things to do.

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 004

Heading out to an afternoon at Lubber’s Landing and Tahiti Beach.

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 035

Cass and Brian playing ‘ring-toss’ at Lubber’s Landing. Free tequila shot if you hook the ring!

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 029

A winner!


Ron (Legacy) gives it a try and wins too!


Another winner! Woohoo!


Fun at Lubber’s Landing. Cass prepares to do her tequila shot prize.


Lee and Missie (Tenacious) with her dog, Lovie.

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 041

Warmth on the beach! Randy with Cass (Miss Informed) and Pam (Legacy).

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 065

Randy with John (Tenacious) playing Frisbee on the beach.

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 076

Group enjoying the day on the beach while Lovey tries to dig to China.

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 078

On Tahiti Beach.

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 107

Debra (Mandalay) waiting for the shuttle back to the marina after a walk on the beach in Hope Town.

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 148

Heron walking the shore in Hope Town.

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 112

Hope Town harbour as the sailboat ‘Abaco Rage’ returns from winning the local sailing race.


Bicycling to White Sound on Elbow Cay with our good friends John and Debra (Mandalay). Photo courtesy of Mandalay.

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 136

Lunch on our bicycle trip at the Abaco Inn with Debra and John (Mandalay).

SAILING 2016 Jan 15 to Jan 27 138

Bahamian Lime Pie complete with meringue and whip cream at the Abaco Inn.

SAILING 2016 Jan 27 to Feb 5 002

Lunch on our last day in Hope Town with Debra and John (Mandalay) and Gloria and Jim (Jimandi).

SAILING 2016 Jan 27 to Feb 5 003

Last chance for Randy’s favourite burger in the Bahamas at the Hope Town Inn and Marina.


Great group of new friends on Miss Informed on our last day in Hope Town.

On Saturday, January 30th, we leave Hope Town for the journey to Green Turtle Cay. Yes, the season is coming to an end again.

SAILING 2016 Jan 27 to Feb 5 004

Back on the water again! Woohoo!

SAILING 2016 Jan 27 to Feb 5 006

On our way towards Green Turtle Cay leaving Hope Town and the lighthouse in the distance.

SAILING 2016 Jan 27 to Feb 5 023

Silver Maple safe and sound at the Green Turtle Club.

SAILING 2016 Jan 27 to Feb 5 024

Green Turtle Club looking lovely on a calm morning.

SAILING 2016 Jan 27 to Feb 5 054

Out for a ride in the dinghy to take a break from chores, we find some dolphins feeding and playing.

SAILING 2016 Jan 27 to Feb 5 067

Hard to catch with the camera, but we love these guys. In her next life Lee wants to come back as a dolphin.

SAILING 2016 Jan 27 to Feb 5 021

Heron watches over our boat from the other side of the dock every morning.

We will spend two weeks on Green Turtle wrapping things up and getting Silver Maple put away for the season. Haul-out is Monday morning, weather permitting. Very sad but looking forward to being back home.



Continuing to Live the Dream in 2016

Friday, December 25th to Saturday, January 16, 2016

Having Christmas back in Canada in December was great, so it might be something we consider for Christmas 2016 also. Christmas day at home is more like a cool fall day in October than Christmas. Crazy weather!  But by the next day (Boxing Day), the snow comes, and from what we’ve heard… it hasn’t left since.

SAILING 2016 and Home Dec 24 to Jan 15 004

Christmas morning with Jackson. Leo enjoying his new raccoon toy.

SAILING 2016 and Home Dec 24 to Jan 15 005

Jackson and Randy outside on Christmas Day trying out our new lawn game called Mölkky.

SAILING 2016 and Home Dec 24 to Jan 15 009

Leo having fun in the fresh new snow.

SAILING 2016 and Home Dec 24 to Jan 15 015

Now it looks like Christmas! Just a day late…

On January 7th, we arrive back in the Bahamas. It is good to be back (again!). And, the weather is lovely. Apparently they had some stormy weather the day before we arrive, but when we get to the boat, it is paradise. Shortly after we arrive, Lee is walking on the deck and runs into Debra and John from Annapolis, MD on Mandalay. They have just arrived after doing Gulf Stream crossing from Florida in the last few days. They made it! We met them in Hope Town two years ago and have stayed in touch since. Great to see them again!

SAILING 2016 and Home Dec 24 to Jan 15 020

The morning after we arrive the sky is pink around the Hope Town lighthouse.

SAILING 2016 and Home Dec 24 to Jan 15 021

Silver Maple on the dock at sunrise.


Quite a few of the boaters went home for the holidays, so it is a nice reunion getting back. Although it seems to rain every other day, we manage to get out and about for beach walks and patio time.

SAILING 2016 and Home Dec 24 to Jan 15 024

The group at Lubbers Landing: Cassy, Brian and his parents who are visiting from Michigan (Miss Informed), Missy and John (Tenacious) with Randy.

SAILING 2016 and Home Dec 24 to Jan 15 030

Cassy (Miss Informed) and Missy (Tenacious) walking along the beach after lunch and our favourite margaritas at Lubbers Landing.

SAILING 2016 and Home Dec 24 to Jan 15 032

Randy enjoying the beach.

SAILING 2016 and Home Dec 24 to Jan 15 040

Freshly varnished wood in Silver Maples cockpit. Nice!

SAILING 2016 and Home Dec 24 to Jan 15 044

We catch a ride with Missy and John (Tenacious) in their fishing boat in Marsh Harbour along with Cassy (and Brian not in the picture) from Miss Informed.

SAILING 2016 and Home Dec 24 to Jan 15 045

Lunch at Curly Tails in Marsh Harbour with our good friends Carolyn and Peter (Summer Tilt).

Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been good enough to take Silver Maple off the dock since we’ve been back, but hopefully soon. Apparently tomorrow we are going to get 30 – 40 knot winds so no plans to go anywhere. We will be staying put and holding on to our hats!  Take care, everyone… and stay warm!


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Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Wednesday, December 16 to Thursday, December 24, 2015

Before we head home for Christmas, we organize a holiday cocktail hour and potluck with the other boaters, and we get out for one more snorkeling trip with Brian and Cassy (Miss Informed). In the morning, we take the dinghies just outside of the Hope Town harbour where the Sea of Abaco meets the ocean. Great snorkeling! There is some nice coral there and lots of fish. Lovely!


Hope Town is decked out for the holidays! Photo by Miss Informed.

SAILING 2015 Dec 15 to Dec 20 008

Silver Maple with her Christmas lights on.

SAILING 2015 Dec 15 to Dec 20 002

Cocktail hour with other boaters at the Hope Town Inn and Marina.


Brian and Randy swimming above the reef. Photo courtesy of Miss Informed.


Beautiful coral and fish snorkeling just outside the Hope Town harbour. Photo taken by Miss Informed.

SAILING 2015 Dec 15 to Dec 20 012

Our ferry ready to leave Hope Town for Marsh Harbour. From there we take a taxi to Treasure Cay Airport to catch our flight to Ft. Lauderdale.

SAILING 2015 Dec 15 to Dec 20 010

Randy on the ferry and ready to go!

SAILING 2015 Dec 15 to Dec 20 013

The bar at the Treasure Cay Airport must be one of the best airport bars in the world.

When we arrive home in Canada, we have a snowy drive home. Normally, this isn’t anything to write about, but this year everyone had been telling us how warm its been and that there was no snow. We think they were pulling our leg!!

SAILING 2015 Dec 15 to Dec 20 015

Snowy drive home when we reach Canada.

SAILING 2015 Dec 15 to Dec 20 018

What we wake up to the morning after we arrive.

SAILING 2015 Dec 15 to Dec 20 021

Leo loves the snow and is happy to be home.

SAILING 2015 Dec 15 to Dec 20 022

Lake looks cold, but not frozen over. Very unusual.

SAILING 2015 and Home Dec 20 to Dec 24 003

We are all ready for Christmas!

SAILING 2015 and Home Dec 20 to Dec 24 002

Leo wants to open his presents now!

Since we’ve been home, we have had lots of rain so the snow is all gone. Today, Christmas Eve, it is sunny and warm. Randy and Jackson took Leo out for a hike through the bush for an hour. Definitely the nicest Christmas Eve weather any of us can remember.

Merry Christmas to all and all the best in 2016!   Cheers!


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Rain, rain, go away…

Monday, December 7th, 2015 to Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

To say we are tired of the rain would be an understatement. Some days it rains all day, and on others it comes and goes. It always seems to be around, so everything is always wet. Until today!  Today feels like the first day without rain in weeks. And, it was a beautiful sunny day in the 80s. Gorgeous! Great for getting things dried out.

Regardless of the rain the last few weeks, we get out and about and enjoy ourselves. The Hope Town Song Writer’s Festival event at the Hope Town Marina was very lucky and manages to take place during a few hours of dry weather without howling winds. And, the next morning the sunrise is breathtaking.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 027

Hope Town Music Festival was really good!

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 006

Performers are the writers of many of the current hit country songs.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 004

Our table at the festival’s Hope Town Marina event, from left to right, Randy, Cassy and Brian (Miss Informed), Susan and Brian (Good Morning Vietnam), and Lee.


SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 029

Sunrise over Hope Town harbour the day following the Song Writers concert.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 033

Beautiful sunrise deserves two photos.

On Thursday the rains stop in the morning, so we take the opportunity to sneak out of Hope Town and head down to Lynyard Cay. We anchor there and dinghy in to see Pete’s Pub in Little Harbour. Unfortunately, Silver Maple needs more depth than what this harbour offers, so we can’t bring her in. Pete’s Pub is a cute beach bar with sand floor and picnic tables. Next door they have a great art gallery displaying bronze sculptures made at the on the premises foundry. We eat lunch at the bar, visit the gallery, explore the ocean side beach, and tour the harbour.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 043

Calm day heading to Lynyard Cay to visit Pete’s Pub.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 057

Water so clear you can see starfish on the bottom at 15 feet. Amazing!

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 048

Sails up but not much wind.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 060

First Mate enjoying the view.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 071

Randy on the dock heading towards Pete’s Pub.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 073

Dinghies parked at the Pete’s Pub dock. The transportation we all use from our boats at anchor.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 079

Lee and Randy with Cassy and Brian (Miss Informed) at Pete’s Pub.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 101

Pete’s Pub is a funky, fun place.


Lee and Randy at Pete’s Pub. Photo courtesy of Miss Informed.


Needles are washing up on the shore around the Abaco Islands from the debris of the El Faro container ship disaster. Photo courtesy of Miss Informed.


The guys examine an interesting beach find. Photo courtesy of Miss Informed.


Foam and metal from a container of El Faro, the ship that sank during hurricane Joaquin. Photo courtesy of Miss Informed.


Lee and Randy exploring Little Harbour where Pete’s Pub is located. Photo courtesy of Miss Informed.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 121

The caves in Little Harbour. Apparently the first settlers to this area lived in these until they were able to build other shelter.

The next day, it is pouring rain when we wake up. To be expected these days. Thankfully, it stops in a couple of hours so we head to Snake Cay to explore the mangrove waterways and do some snorkeling. It is overcast, but trying hard to clear. Bad weather with very high winds are forecast for the next day, so our plan is to get back to Hope Town before night fall. We have a great day and see an amazing amount of sea life.


On our way from Lynyard Cay to Snake Cay. Wind on the nose, so no sailing. Boo! Photo courtesy of Miss Informed.


Lee and Randy enjoying the trip. Photo taken by Miss Informed.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 150

Exploring the Snake Cay mangrove waterways required constant checking of the depth with the hand held depth meter, as well as a map so we didn’t get lost.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 151

The mangroves have lots of roots and are able to survive in salt water. They make great homes for wildlife and apparently help to clean the water.


Lee and Randy exploring the mangrove waterways at Snake Cay before we jump in for some snorkeling. Photo taken by Miss Informed.

Turtle Edit

The waters behind Snake Cay are full of turtles. They swim really fast, but Lee managed to catch a photo of this guy.


We see Eagle Rays where we are snorkeling. Beautiful! Photo taken by Miss Informed.

Back in Hope Town, it is a rainy weekend but thankfully the sun has now finally won out, so we are enjoying a few days of some good weather before we head home.

SAILING 2015 Dec 12 to Dec 15 002

Finally, a day of nice weather in Hope Town.

SAILING 2015 Dec 5 to Dec 12 158

The Hope Town lighthouse is decked out for the holidays.

SAILING 2015 Dec 12 to Dec 15 001

Randy out cleaning Silver Maple now that the weather is nice. Always lots of work to be done!

We leave on Friday for Canada for the holidays. Really looking forward to seeing Jackson, Leo and the house again.