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Fun with friends!

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Friday, February 24th to Monday, March 16th, 2017

Well, the theme of this year on the boat has been relaxing and hanging out since that is pretty much all we have done. Last week, our friends Ruth and Bruce from Canada came to visit. They are recently retired and have been staying in Florida, so they took the short flight over from there for a few days. So great to have them here!! Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate so we were on the dock most of the visit.

The day before Ruth and Bruce arrive, we take Silver Maple over to Marsh Harbour to meet them. When they get in we chill by the pool and then go to Rib Night at the Jib Room Restaurant at the Marsh Harbour Marina. Afterwards, its dancing and limbo party!


Silver Maple settled at the beautiful Marsh Harbour Marina and Jib Room Restaurant awaiting Ruth and Bruce’s arrival


Relaxing by the pool with Ruth and Bruce after they arrive


Amazing Limbo by Desmond at the Jib Room


Ruth and Lee dancing up a storm at the Jib Room

The next day we hit the water! Its is a perfect day for a sail. We head back to Hope Town because unfortunately, bad weather is moving in and we need to get tied back up to a dock. In Hope Town we show Ruth and Bruce all the sites and play lots of games when the weather is bad.


Captain Randy and Bruce enjoying a perfect day for sailing


Thumbs up from the new sailor. She loves it!


Randy and Bruce checking out the sails


Ruth getting salty


Arriving in Hope Town Harbour


The lovely Hope Town Harbour at Sunset


We head over and climb the Hope Town lighthouse, the only kerosene burning lighthouse left in the world


View of the Hope Town Harbour from the top of the lighthouse


This guy wakes us up VERY early every morning with his crowing. Ugh!


Ruth chases the rooster down as payback for the early morning wake up calls


Ruth at the Hope Town Inn and Marina


We stop for a beverage while out for a bicycle ride on Elbow Cay

JIMG_0004 (1)

Heading out for dinner on a cool evening in Hope Town


Sunrise over Silver Maple at the Hope Town Inn and Marina

JIMG_0017 (1)

Bruce playing Bocce ball with Randy, Ron (Legacy) and Brian (Miss Informed)


Ruth and Lee playing Mahjong with Linda (Fortnight) on a rainy afternoon


Ruth and Bruce heading out to catch the ferry back to Marsh Harbour for their flight back to Florida. Bye!

The day Bruce and Ruth leave the weather turn nice again. Of course! So, we head out for a few days of sailing and anchoring at some of our favourite spots: Tahiti Beach and Lynyard Cay. Shortly after we arrive and anchor at Tahiti Beach, our friends Sharon and Pete arrive on their boat, Emerald Lady. So great to seem them and what a nice surprise! We go for lunch together at Cracker P’s, a bar on a nearby island. In the evening, we meet on Emerald Lady for cocktails and games. Great to be with our old friends!


Heading towards Tahiti Beach


Captain loves to be on the water!


Lunch at Cracker P’s with Sharon and Pete (Emerald Lady)


Lovely view from Cracker P’s at lunchtime


Sharon and Pete (Emerald Lady) at Cracker P’s


Sharon and Pete (Emerald Lady) in their dinghy heading back to our boats after lunch


Moon over Tahiti Beach

The next morning we head to Lynyard Cay. It is dead calm and the weather is supposed to be perfect all day. The weather man neglected to inform mother nature of that though, so when we arrive at the anchorage and a unexpected squall blows in. We anchor in 24 knot winds. Crazy!


Anchor up and heading to Lynyard Cay on a beautiful day


The calm before the storm…

After the rain passes, we go to the beach for a walk and a swim. It is a lovely day on the boat. We head back to Hope Town the next day and we’ve been being dock potatoes since then.


Randy walking the beach at Lynyard Cay


Randy swimming at Lynyard with Silver Maple anchored in the background


Sunset over Little Harbour from Lynyard Cay

Last night we had a Jack and Jill wedding shower for our friends, Cassie and Brian (Miss Informed). They were very surprised. And, since the season is wrapping up it was one of our final ‘get-togethers’ before folks start to head home. What a great group of people and wonderful friends we have met this year.


Sunset over the Hope Town Marina taken from the back of Silver Maple


Surprising Cassie and Brian (Miss Informed)


Toasting to a life of love, happiness and fair winds…


The happy couple!


Great group of fantastic people!


Brian and Cassie (Miss Informed) enjoying the party


Such fun friends! (from the left) Cassie from Ancaster, ON (Miss Informed), John from Halifax, NS (PrimeraVista), Thomas from Peterborough, ON (Hope), Lee from Boston, MA (Shalaylee), Brian from Michigan (Miss Informed), Lee, Randy and Sheryl from Boston, MA (Shalaylee)

We are now looking forward to Jackson’s arrival next week for a visit. Woohoo! Fingers crossed the weather will cooperate.

One thought on “Fun with friends!

  1. You guys look beautiful! You need to teach us Marjong. We are off to Iceland for 10 days at the beginning of summer but are hoping to come visit for a weekend in the Kawarthas of you’ll have us. Jealous of all your fun times.
    Cheers! Julie and Dawson

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