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Happy 2017 from the Bahamas!


January 19th to 20th, 2017

We made it! Sounds easy enough, but our trip to the Bahamas from Toronto wasn’t quite as smooth this year as it has been other years. It started with freezing rain the night before our two hour drive to the Toronto airport. Then, our flight is delayed leaving Toronto. We arrive in Newark in time to catch our connecting flight to Ft. Lauderdale. Whew! Oh, that flight is also delayed for over two hours. When we finally land in Ft. Lauderdale after midnight we find that our hotel reservation has been cancelled. Not surprising that hotels in Ft. Lauderdale in January are pretty much all full. So, we end up in a nasty hotel — and I mean nasty — and manage to get a little sleep before heading back to the airport for our flight to Treasure Cay. And you’ll never guess…yes, delayed too!

When we finally do arrive in the Bahamas, we are exhausted and both of us are sick. But, life gets SO much better. People are smiling. Sun is shining. You can’t help but feel better.


Islands come into view from the plane. Yeah!


On the ferry dock with all of our gear


First view of Green Turtle Cay from the ferry


Happy to be here after a challenging trip

We are now settling in and adjusting to ‘island time’ in this beautiful place. The place we are staying while we prepare the boat for launch is a cute little cabin on the beach. In our spare time, we are enjoying New Plymouth and Green Turtle Cay, as we always do!!


On the beach in front of the cabin we are renting while we prepare Silver Maple for launch and so happy to be back.


Silver Maple is looking good! Just a few days of work and she will be back in the water.


Dinner at Harvey’s in New Plymouth. Great food and friendly people.

During the day while we are here, we are on the boat cleaning and putting things back together. Silver Maple’s launch is scheduled for Monday, but right now the forecast is for heavy winds and thunderstorms so we may get postponed. Fingers crossed!

5 thoughts on “Happy 2017 from the Bahamas!

  1. Lovely to hear that you’re back in the Bahamas! We hope we will get there for March and April this year.
    Greta and Jay
    s/v Ragtop

  2. Wow! What a time you had getting down there. I hope you both are feeling much better. Such a gorgeous place. I love your cabin in the beach! Fabulous photos, Lee!!! Good luck with the launch on Monday–weather permitting, of course!🛫🛬🛫🛬⛵️☀️👍😃

  3. Good to see your blog is back up. Have an amazing journey Lee!

  4. Glad that you made it after a challenging trip. Smooth sailing from now on…

  5. wonderful to hear from you two , look forward to your emails

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