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Out and about in the Bahamian Abaco Islands

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November 23rd, 2015 to December 6th, 2015

After about two weeks of being socked-in at the Hope Town Inn and Marina, we finally break free on Saturday, November 28th. Up until then, we keep busy working around the boat and during breaks in the bad weather, we volunteer for a beach clean-up, ride our bikes, climb the lighthouse and generally keep busy so we don’t go crazy.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 015

We volunteer for a beach clean up. It is very windy so you have to hold on tight to your garbage bag.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 030

This is the foam we are cleaning up off the beach. There is lots of it everywhere on the shore. Apparently it is remnants of the container ship El Faro that sank during Hurricane Joaquin. In addition to the foam we find things like jars of mayonnaise and needles. What a mess!

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 019

Getting the folding bikes out and put together.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 017

Out for a bicycle ride while the weather is nice.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 025

Riding on Elbow Cay just north of town.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 026

Randy on top of the lighthouse in Hope Town.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 032

Hope Town lighthouse.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 027

View of Hope Town Harbour from the lighthouse.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 029

Ocean looking raucous outside the harbour.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 037

More Bocce Ball to kill time — with Ron (Legacy), Brian and Mario (Miss Informed) and Randy.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 044

Canadians using US Thanksgiving as a great excuse to go out for a nice dinner at the Abaco Inn.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 045

The group at Sip Sip for Friday night pizza and a game of Wits and Wagers — Ron (Legacy), Mario, Brian and Cassy (Miss Informed) with Randy and Lee.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 020

Silver Maple looking ship-shape after days stuck at the dock with lots of time for cleaning and tidying.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 007

The new cushion we bought in Florida for the bed says it all.

When we do get off the dock and head out, the wind and waves are still very high, but we endure the weather so that we can finally break free. Thankfully, we aren’t going very far — just heading to Marsh Harbour for a change of scenery and to hit Steak Night at the Jib Room Restaurant at the Marsh Harbour Marina. When we arrive, the first thing we do is indulge in a Bilge Burner, their signature drink, and Randy has his favourite, the fish Rueben sandwich.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 001

Even the ferry is struggling with the wind and waves.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 002

Captain is happy to be back on the water even though it is raucous.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 058

Silver Maple settled in Marsh Harbour. It is nice to be back.

SAILING 2015 Nov 20 to Nov 28 057

The beautiful Marsh Harbour Marina and Jib Room Restaurant.

From Marsh Harbour we head to Great Guana Cay and anchor in beautiful Fisher’s Bay, one of our favourite places. We meet Brian, Cassy and Mario (Miss Informed) at Nipper’s and have cocktails before dinner at Grabber’s.

In the morning, we head out of Fisher’s Bay, where there is a lovely rainbow and we make the short sail over to Man-O-Way Cay. The weather has finally settled down and it is a gorgeous day. We haven’t been to Man-O-War for a few years and had forgotten how nice it is. Walking around town, it is a very well kept and pretty island and the Man-O-War Marina is great.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 005

Sunset over Fisher’s Bay, Great Guana Cay taken from the open air Grabber’s Restaurant and Bar.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 019

Gorgeous morning in Fishers Bay at Great Guana Cay.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 020

A beautiful day for a sail. Too bad we aren’t going very far.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 025

Man-O-War Marina is very pretty.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 034

Silver Maple at Man-O-War Cay.

From Man-O-War, we sail over to Tahiti Beach and anchor just off the beach. The weather is fantastic. For lunch we take the dinghy over to Lubber Landing, a restaurant and bar about a mile away and we have the best margaritas. Afterwards, we head to the beach for a swim and a walk. Last year there was a shark attack here, so you keep a look out when you are in the water. Later, Brian, Cassy and Mario (Miss Informed) and Deana and Tea (Satisfaction) arrive and anchor with us. The next day, its another gorgeous day. We dinghy over to Channel Cay and do some snorkeling. Just beautiful. Its about a six mile ride, but with our new dinghy that’s a piece of cake. Later in the afternoon, a boat named Good Morning Vietnam anchors near us at Tahiti Beach. Susan and Brian come over in their dinghy to say hello and invite us for cocktail hour. Very nice people.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 060

Silver Maple anchored at Tahiti Beach.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 046

Randy in front of Lubber’s Quarters, a fun bar we try for the first time.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 050

Lubber’s Quarter’s salt water margaritas are very possibly the best margaritas we have ever had.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 052

On Tahiti Beach. The annual photo in front of the tree root.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 062

Ted and Deana with Randy on Silver Maple for happy hour. Their boat, Satisfaction, is anchored in the distance.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 067

Out for a snorkeling trip to Channel Cay. Beautiful clear water.

SAILING 2015 Nov 28 to Dec 5 073

Sunrise over Susan and Brian’s boat, Good Morning Vietnam, at Tahiti Beach.

After two nights at Tahiti Beach, it looks like bad weather is moving in again, so we prepare to head back to Hope Town. Just before we leave, Ted calls over from Satisfaction. They have a leak and would like Randy to come over to help. Brian and Mario from Miss Informed join them. Unfortunately, they can’t seem to find the source of the water, but it seems like it is a slow leak so safe to head to harbour. Miss Informed, Satisfaction, Good Morning Vietnam and Silver Maple all head back to Hope Town Harbour.

Now back in Hope Town, it has been raining on and off. We are keeping busy with chores on the boat. Randy and some of the guys have also managed to squeeze in some more Bocce Ball games between rain drops and I have been learning to play Mahjong from some of the other ladies on the dock. It seems like an Asian version of Rummy but played with tiles instead of cards. Tonight we are going to the Hope Town Song Writers Music Festival. Should be fun!


One thought on “Out and about in the Bahamian Abaco Islands

  1. So glad to hear from you guys. Pictures look just fantastic. Dec 6/15 still no snow here yet! Balmy weather in Nov and beginning of Dec. temp today 2C going up to 5C on Friday. But forecasts rainy weekend.

    you both look great thanks for the pics. Staying home this year David and daughter coming for Xmas. I have a torn meniscus in my knee – problematic and Joe still suffers with his feet from Chemo etc. staying put. Scott coming weekend before Xmas. They lost a dog named Cali she was 15. They now have another Australian Shepherd called Clarence (it was already named). Two Australian Shepherds – farm dogs now, 4 horses and a bunch of chickens. No cat. Funny. No barn cat. They have lost one chicken. Get lots of eggs.
    When are you getting back home? Give me a call if you can. Love Joan

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