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Waiting to cross to the Bahamas

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We are in Palm Beach, Florida waiting for good weather to cross over to the Bahamas. Our journey down the east coast is complete!  Woohoo!  Now passing time doing final preparation and provisioning for the trip, while we wait for just the right conditions to make the crossing.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5th to SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11th— DAY 76 to 82 (Finishing Florida — Vero Beach, Stuart, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach and waiting)

On Monday, we leave Cocoa and head to Vero Beach. The Inter-Coastal Waterway in Florida is lined with lovely, huge homes through this area. When we arrive in Vero Beach, the marina is quaint with some ‘regulars’ who seem to spend hours sitting on lawn chairs outside of the main marina building. You can’t past them without some kind of comment. We walk into town for dinner, which is more of a beach strip — but its a lovely evening.

Incredible homes along the Florida Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW)

The Captain and Leo (freshly groomed and feeling more comfortable in the Florida weather without his big fur coat)

Silver Maple in Vero Beach, FL

Back on the water Tuesday, we stay just ahead of the storm (nor-easter) as we head to Stuart, FL. We dock just before the storm, which turns out to be only a few sprinkles when it arrives in Stuart — unlike the horrible weather folks got up north.

Now we are in Florida, we are doing short trips each day to check out marinas along the way as potential places to keep the boat next year. This is a one way trip and the plan is to find a place to keep Silver Maple somewhere south so that we can come back and visit next year. Stuart is one of the places that is a potential place to keep the boat.

Storm clouds looming as we head to Stuart, FL

Hey! We are being passed by other Canadians!

Pending storm provides some nice wind for sailing

After the storm passes, the cold front moves in. It is a chilly morning when we leave Stuart and head to North Palm Beach. When we arrive there, the parts and mail we had forwarded are waiting for us, so we spend a couple of days working around the boat and catching up on things.

Florida palms along the ICW

More Florida wildlife

On Friday,we head to West Palm Beach. It’s still cool and below normal for Florida (low 70s F), but its sunny.

For the first time we see blue tropical-like water. We are getting close!

Mega-yachts on the way to West Palm Beach

Beautiful morning in Florida

We have now completed the trip down the coast and are waiting for just he right weather to make the crossing to the Bahamas.  We need the waves to be small and the wind to be blowing the right direction. Unfortunately, the forecast doesn’t look good, so we could be here for a while. Will keep you posted!!

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