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Sandy has passed and all is well


The winds have now calmed down quite a bit as Sandy moves north of where we are here in Jacksonville, Florida. Our first hurricane, so it is kind of exciting. No rain to speak of — just a lot of wind. We will be thinking of everyone north of us as the hurricane comes your way. Stay safe!

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26th to SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27th — DAY 66 to 67 (Hanging out in Jacksonville, Florida while we ride out Sandy)

The last few days was chores around the boat and keeping an eye on things as the heavy winds were on us for the last two days.  All fared well, and we will be back on the water tomorrow (Sunday).

Hurricane Sandy brings heavy winds to Jacksonville Beach, Florida where Silver Maple is docked

Silver Maple well secured for the storm

Lovely sunset as the stormy skies clear

5 thoughts on “Sandy has passed and all is well

  1. Lots of chat about your grand adventure at the F.F.S.S. Gr. 13 Class of ’71 reunion last night. John and Bruce took pictures so you should see some soon. We had a toast to your health of course. Glad to hear that you are out of harms way.

  2. Hi guys, wanted to check up on you given the situation with Sandy. So glad to hear all is well! Caught up on some of your previous posts & photos. Outstanding! What an adventure! Will continue to read about your trip. Best wishes!

  3. Hi Randy and Lee, so glad everything is well an your missed the storm or hurricance.
    Love the picture of Leo watching out for you. Sure seeing a lot of the Atlantic Re: Sandy.

    Feet up and have a glass of wine.

    Take Care and enjoy yourselves.

  4. Glad to hear all is well! Stay safe and have fun!

  5. Hi Lee, happy to hear that all is well and that your first hurricane experience is behind you. Hope you are back on the water safely and enjoying your journey!

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