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Into South Carolina


Apologies for the long break between blog posts!

We are still moving along and having a lot of fun. Seeing some the sights and meeting lots of great people.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5th to THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11th, 2012 — DAY 45 to 51 (Alligator River Marina, NC to St. James, NC, just south of Southport, NC)

We stopped at some interesting little places along the way including, the Dowery Creek Marina in Belhaven, NC where the small restaurant in town called Georgie’s served some of the best seafood we’ve had on the trip.  The River Dunes Hotel and Marina near Oriental, NC was lovely with a great pool (unfortunately, freezer problems on the boat kind of dampened that visit). Beaufort, NC has a nice town by the waterfront where we met up with John and Linda (on their boat Adnil) who we have met on the trip in a few ports. Swansboro, NC was a great surprise with a cute downtown just a short walk from the marina. Then, we hit Wrightsville Beach, NC and later St. James, NC just south of Southport.

Randy securing the boat in at the Dowery Creek Marina in Belhaven, NC

Making reservation at next port

Storms threaten but don’t come as we leave River Dunes near Oriental, NC

Lovely morning sail leaving River Dunes

We see our first shrimp boat as we leave Swansboro, NC

Heading to Beaufort, NC

View of marina in Beaufort as we arrive

Randy’s new wheels! (Loaner car from marina in Beaufort, NC) Nice!

Silver Maple in Beaufort, NC

Cold morning leaving Beaufort, NC but at least the fog has cleared

Lots of birds to see

Homes along the ICW in North Carolina

Leo enjoying the ride

Everyone waiting for the bridge

Passing through the swing bridge

Going through one of many draw-bridges along the way

Sunset in Wrightsville Beach, NC

Sightings of dolphins through North Carolina are a daily occurence and what a joy! Only one day when we were back in fresh water for a bit did we have a whole day without seeing any.


Dog’s-eye view

More dolphins!

Happy Captain

Enjoying our trip of a lifetime

Weather has been great. We had a few days of cooler temperatures, but it warmed backup.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12th, 2012 — DAY 52 (St. James, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC)

We finally make it through North Carolina and cross the border into South Carolina. Making it through that state seems like a milestone with its long portion of the channel. Shortly after we cross the border, we are following a Canadian boat called “Time 2 Go”. Suddenly, the depth in the channel becomes very shallow and they run aground. Thankfully, we don’t. We follow closely behind them as they weave their way through the channel. The Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW) since we have been in South Carolina has inconsistent water depths due to silting, shoaling and tides. We have to constantly watch and slowly move through shallow areas. Exhausting.

Following Time2Go as we cross the border into South Carolina

In Myrtle Beach, we stay at the marina next to the Grand Dunes Resort. Unfortunately, it is pretty tough to get anywhere in Myrtle Beach without a car, so we don’t really see much other than the hotel, marina and grocery store (the marina guys gives Lee a ride there and back).

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13th — DAY 53 (Myrtle Beach, SC to Georgetown, SC)

The trip through South Carolina from Myrtle Beach to Georgetown, goes through some beautiful scenery including forests and cypress swamps. The current is with us most of the trip. Our friends, John and Linda on Adnil pass us along the way.

Leo playing as we leave Myrtle Beach

Why not to rely only on electronics for navigation. It thinks we are on land.

Silver Maple on the water

Remote South Carolina is beautiful

Our friends John and Linda pass us on their boat called Adnil (Linda backwards)

That evening we meet our friends Doug and Ellen (who live in Charlotte, NC) in Georgetown (Doug and Randy met at Queen’s University). Doug brings their boat, Trillium, to Georgetown and Ellen drives down by car. We have happy hour on Silver Maple and then walk to town for dinner.

Approaching Georgetown, SC

Doug and Ellen on Silver Maple

Doug doing work on top of Trillium

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14th to TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16th — DAY 54 to 56 (Georgetown, SC to Charleston, SC with time enjoying Charleston)

The trip from Georgetown to Charleston is about 56 miles — a long one for us. We get an early start. Its a beautiful morning. Doug passes us on Trillium mid-day and arrives in Charleston a few hours before us.

Sunrise leaving Georgetown, SC

Captain back at the helm

Being passed by Trillium

More dolphins!

Our trip is slow and tedious. The current is against us most of the way, and the depths in the ICW along the way are challenging. Thankfully, we make it through without incident. On the radio we can hear other boats who have not been so lucky.

Very shallow waters in ICW

The Harbor Resort and Marina in Charleston, SC is just outside of town near where the decommissioned USS Yorktown aircraft carrier is docked. Doug arrives with Trillium a few hours before us. We have cocktails on their boat and dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Marina in Charleston next to the USS Yorktown

On Monday, Doug and Ellen drive home to Charlotte and leave their boat in Charleston. Randy and Lee spend the day touring the Yorktown and Clamogore submarine. It is hot and humid again. Later we take the water taxi into town for dinner at a great restaurant called Husk, featuring all local South Carolina ingredients.

Randy in front of the big ship

Touring the flight deck of the USS Yorktown

Randy at the helm of the USS Yorktown

On water taxi going into Charleston, SC

Today (Tuesday), we spent in town. We do a great carriage tour of the historic city in the morning, lunch and walk around the market area in the afternoon. The last few days have been hot, and today the weather finally has cooled. We enjoyed the 75 degree F day with sunshine.

Carriage tour of the historic city

We will be getting back on the water and heading south towards Hilton Head, SC on Wednesday. Woohoo!

4 thoughts on “Into South Carolina

  1. Ok about time we got an update. How cool are the dophins ??!! IT looks like you guys are making progress. Hoping Florida still works out for us. Leo looks great! I bet Randy is really learning to navigate – sinc eit sounds like there has beena few ‘hair raising’ sections in the waterway. I am REALLY glad you guys are enjoying the ‘whole’ adventure though. Makes the rest of us rethink what we are doing….and hwat really is ‘the plan’??! Love you guys and Miss you. Looking forward to seeing you soon!!! BTW – what’s the scoop for Thanksgiving?

  2. ok if only I could type better….

  3. I’m liking the dock installations along the ICW. These make ours look teeny….
    Perhaps paying attention to dolphins is keeping you from running aground. Flipper is your friend!

  4. So good to hear from you on your TRIP OF A LIFETIME. How great is that. Randy must be learning a lot. Pictures are great. Our fall colours are fading calling for rain this weekend. Scott and family dropped in on Friday before Thanksiving, on their way to Kilarney for the weekend.

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