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Heading to Haverstraw Bay in NY


Exciting Schenectady, we passed the GE Research facility on the bank of the river. Another cool and clear morning — but it will again heat up and be a hot day. We stopped in a town called Waterford for lunch. Jackson and Randy needed a pizza fix. After lunch we had one last lock to do, this one on the Hudson River. We were through the canals!! Woohoo!

Nice trip to Albany

GE Research facility in Schenectady, NY

Randy and Jackson in Waterford

The last lock!!

Entering Albany, NY

In Albany, we had dinner at sketchy looking steak and seafood place behind some vacant industrial buildings nearby. Food was surprisingly good!!

Chillin’ in the evening

THURSDAY, AUGUST 30TH — DAY 9 (Jackson heads back home — Lee and Randy go on to Catskill, NY)

Randy and Jackson got up early to do a scrub down of the boat before we head off to the station to catch Jackson’s train back to Toronto. Very sad to see him go. Randy and Lee head back to the boat for the trip to Catskill, NY where we will spend a few days getting the mast put back up and the boat back together.

Jackson ready to head to the train station

Saying goodbye at the station


Getting on the train for Toronto at the Albany station

Unique lighthouses on the way to Catskill, NY

Lovely day

Passing our first freighter

Settled in Catskill, NY

FRIDAY, AUGUST 31st — SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST — DAYS 10, 11 (Catskill, NY — Putting the boat back together)

Friday is spent getting the mast put back on the boat (Randy) and doing laundry and groceries (Lee).  It is very hot and humid. Brutal day for doing anything. Saturday is equally hot and we spend it re-rigging the boat.  Mid-deployment of the sails, we get yet another visit (#2) from the police/border control. Apparently we look suspicious.


Putting the mast up


Police visit us again! Second time.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2ND — DAY 12 (Catskill, NY — Poughkeepsie, NY)

A very short day to Poughkeepsie, NY on the Hudson River. This is a very sleepy little club, but one of the friendliest we have visited.  We eat on the boat as the sun sets. Beautiful!

Heading to Poughkeepsie, NY

Very nice evening and dinner outside

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD — DAYS 13 (Poughkeepsie, NY to Haverstraw Bay)

The trip from Poughkeepsie to Haverstraw Bay, where we will see the widest point on the Hudson River, goes through some lovely areas. The Hudson River has been a real surprise.  It is overcast and cool, and you can feel the rain in the air, but it holds off. Again we get pulled over by the police (#3), this time the Westchester County police. They recommend a good marina and place for dinner though.  The Haverstraw Marina is the largest fresh water marina in the continental US.  It is huge!  The walk to the shore from where we have Silver Maple docked is about 1km. Crazy!  But we have a great dinner in the restaurant and welcome swim in the cool pool.

Lovely river

Leo is still bored, but settling into the routine

One of the small cottages on the bank of the river

Lovely view

More freighters

Passing West Point

Dressed for rain and making reservations at next marina

Police stop #3 — we must look suspicious!

Huge marina!

Pool time at last

Nice dinner out

3 thoughts on “Heading to Haverstraw Bay in NY

  1. Great post(s) – keep them coming – it sure looks like a grand adventure.
    I’ve heard that the police stop Canadians because they think it is hilarious we say “thank you” after we have been stopped!!
    We missed you guys on Labour Day but we had a toast in your honour 🙂

  2. Hi Guys: GREAT pictures. Your both looking great. Nice to see your smiling faces. What a picture Leo, really relaxing, eh? That is a small cottage!! WOW. I feel your Anxiety saying goodbye to Jackson. Wish him all the best when you are talking,texting.. Beautiful scenery. Couldn’t believe the boats at the marine. No wonder need a reservation. Should hear from Lynda and Gary I sent your blog to them. We are still plugging along. Joe’s back is problematic. Just read in the Globe (Tuesday) about boats (yachts) and the cost of gas and mainetance. (scott Moore, Bob Schmetterer former chairman and chief executive of Euro RSCG Worldwide giant advertising and marketing Co. reerring to his 80 ft Marlow Explorer. Yacht “Blue Moon,” was the culmination of years of trading up. 17-foot boat, went to 22, 27,38 and 52ft. The Marlow cost 3.5 million U.S. He mentions people buy the biggest boat which experts say is a risk of happening even more now with prices relatively low. He also mentions owners overlook is Internet usage on board, as much as $8 per megabyte of data. Scott Moore took up sailing while working in Bermuda in the 1990’s. He bought a 36 foot Morris in 2006. In June he traded up to a new 42 foot Morris. Also mentioned specific yachts for the Bahamas – waters are shallower and the Caribbean are deeper. Interesting article. I realize with the planning you did Randy you know all this, still just passed it on. Globe and Mail Sept. 4/12 “Globe Life.”

    Enjoy yourself guys and miss you. Wonderful idea this blog thanks Lee. I am reading a new Jason Bourne Novel by Eric Van Lustbrader “Bourne Imperative,” Very good though not finished yet. (Robert Ludlum’s who passed in March 2001. wrote 27 novels all a New York Times bestseller.)

    Enjoy hearing from you Randy with your morning coffee.

    Love Joan

  3. I think we all know who the suspicious looking one is!

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